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One worry many have is getting their home clean enough to sell.

Cleaning the house top to bottom can be a challenge! So below we’ve created a checklist of 9 things to clean before you list your home.

Washing the windows and windowsills has a huge impact on how clean a house feels.

Clean your floors. 

Sweep, mop, vacuum. Scrub baseboards.

Hire a professional carpet cleaner if it’s needed to remove pet or stubborn stains.

Clean your appliances well. 

Especially around the stove and oven.

Wipe down and dust all surfaces, including shelves and cabinets.

Remove nails and putty/repair walls.

Be sure that the bathroom and shower/tub is sparkling clean.

Dust the ceiling fans and light fixtures.

Make that sink spotless.

Declutter and organize the closets.

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